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2014 Rattlesnake Ramble

Enter Today for the 10th Annual Race on September 13th!

Tech Shirts are available to ONLY the first 0 entrants! 100 racer limit -- still determining what shirts/hats we'll be offering

Due to non-starters, we'll sign up at least 110 runners and there currently will still be race day sign-up until we hit 110-115 signed up

Shirts left: 0

2013 Rattlesnake Ramble from Bill Wright on Vimeo.

When: Saturday, September 14, 2013, 8:00 a.m.
Where: Eldorado Springs Canyon State Park, just south of Boulder
Course: A 4.25 mile out-and-back course with 850 feet of climbing, mostly on singletrack trail.
Field Limit: Only 100 runners will be allowed, so sign up early!

Course Description


$45 with a shirt
$25 without a shirt
$10 for kids under 18 (no shirt)
$10 for former volunteers (no shirt)


Online Registration! Go here!
Regular Mail:

Send applicable price from above to Eldorado Trail Run c/o Bill Wright, 1954 Breen Lane, Superior, Colorado 80027. Make the check out to ACE.


Pay: Once you've registered to race, go here to pay if you didn't pay at the end of your registration.

More info:

All proceeds benefit the Eldorado Canyon State Park.