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  • Celebrate Eldorado! a Success

    Thank you to all who helped make the 2016 inagural Celebrate Eldorado! a success. We raised over $5K for Eldorado Canyon State Park trails which the entire community will benefit from. Please, if you have any feedback good or bad on the event contact us.

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  • Celebrate Eldorado! Recreating the Ivy Baldwin High Line

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  • ACE Objectives and 2014 Plan

    ACE Objectives


    • Actively work with the park and climbing community to facilitate the identification, documentation and upgrading of fixed protection.
    • Research, test and promote best practices for upgrading aging and deteriorating fixed protection.
    • Facilitate the establishment of new routes requiring fixed gear and changes/upgrades/additions of fixed gear to existing routes through the Fixed Hardware Review process.
    • Support the maintenance and construction of climbing approach trails. *
    • Maintain positive relationship and open communication with park staff and greater climbing community, addressing issues as they arise.


    ACE 2014 Plan


    1. Hold fixed hardware workshop in Eldo in cooperation with the Park
      1. Target date in Fall, 2014
      2. Identify standard/preferred protection bolt and anchor bolts/set
      3. Create instructional video(s) and written instructions to demonstrate best practices for bolt placement and removal


    1. Support ACE’s ongoing bolt replacement program
      1. Provide Park with supply of bolts for new routes and replacement for the community’s use in Eldo and inform the public that they are available
      2. Maintain adequate inventory of bolts and anchors
      3. Maintain and upgrade, as needed, ACE’s bolt removal and placement tools (drill, batteries, extraction tools, etc.)


    1. Create more user friendly website
      1. Include blog-like update ability, particularly for hosting Eldo-centric fixed hardware replacement videos and files
      2. Easier viewing, voting and commenting
      3. Email marketing
      4. Cleaned up, spam-protected database of users


    1. Update FHRC guidelines
      1. Vote more than twice per year?
      2. Add installation deadlines for new routes and anchors
      3. Update other sections as needed



     * The Park recently received two grants for trail work totalling $50,000. So although one of ACE’s objectives remains to support trail maintenance and construction in the Park, this year ACE will focus its efforts elsewhere and return to trail work assistance in the future.


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  • Shirt Tail Peak Closed for Raptor Nesting

    From Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

    ELDORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Parks & Wildlife announced yesterday that Eldorado Canyon State Park has closed Shirt Tail Peak to all uses, including rock climbing, through July 15 or until further notice, to protect nesting golden eagles. 

    Golden Eagles are protected by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service under authority of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. A conviction of nest disturbance can carry a fine up to $5,000 and 1 year imprisonment

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  • Thank You Petzl!

    A hearty thank you to Petzl for donating a 70m static rope to ACE to be used for bolt replacement efforts and reveiwing/scoping new route proposals!



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